Why use bitter soup for healing when sweet water is everywhere?
— Rumi

Intuitive Healing & Reading

 60-90 Minutes - $95

(In-person or Distance)


During an intuitive healing session, you will experience reiki, chakra balancing, angelic and plant spirit presences, the release of energetic blockages, and access to deeper levels of healing and knowing in your life. In addition, these sessions are an opportunity to voice your experience - both troubles and triumphs - and be heard in a capacity that is unconditionally loving and accepting.

These sessions are perfect for moments when you need personal clarity or loving assistance or just feel like you haven't connected to yourself in a while. So many things in life can make us feel a little bit disconnected from our true essences, and even the most powerful healers (like me and like you!) need guidance, comfort, and co-healing from time to time.

During the healing and reading, you will have an opportunity to share anything you'd like to release from your life or anything you'd like to call to it. This part is completely optional, but highly recommended. Then, you will lie, fully-clothed, on the massage table and receive an energy work treatment that may involve gentle healing touch, the presence of crystals or stones, or suggested essential oils and flower essences. This treatment is both gentle and powerful and is always totally guided by your unique needs and wishes. Each healing session is administered with deep respect, love, and gratitude. After I complete the treatment, I will share any guidance, sensations, or visions that were shown to me so that you can use these messages to further integrate your own healing. You are welcome to record the entire session if you wish.



Reiki + Intuitive Healing for Children & Pets

40-60 minutes - $75

(In-person or Distance)

~ Homeless animals are treated free of charge ~


Children and animals are some of the most sensitive and empathic beings in our world. They truly embody the power and influence of the deeper, wider, and at-times mysterious life experiences that we all share on planet Earth. Whether they are currently experiencing joy or suffering, ease or dis-ease, they often seek out, appreciate, and respond wonderfully to gentle and soothing energetic healing.

I have worked with closely with children, pets, and wildlife for many years. They have also consistently been a part of some of my greatest and most profound healing experiences. Professionally, I have worked with children (from very young to teenage) and animals (from kittens or puppies to wild deer) that have experienced developmental, physical, or learning disabilities, trauma and abuse, or injury and prolonged hardships. Personally, I always keep a house full of happy, healing rescue pets and I'm a mom to a beautiful little human boy.

During a reiki + intuitive healing session for children and animals, the client will either lie on the massage table (for kids) or the floor (for animals) and receive a healing treatment that may include gentle healing touch, the presence of crystals or stones, and the vibrational remedies of flower essences and allies if the guardian wishes. The guardian can and should be present for the entirety of the session. After the reiki + intuitive healing treatment, I will relay any guidance, sensations, or visions that were shown to me that may be of assistance on the child's or animal's healing path. This type of treatment is very gentle, totally and completely guided by the child or animal's own needs and wishes, and is only ever administered with deep respect, love, and gratitude. As children and animals are very sensitive (and sometimes unable to speak) we will discuss exactly what to expect during and after treatment, in addition to any further care, resources, or herbal remedies if you wish.

These sessions are offered both as in-person sessions or as distance sessions, and I can also arrange to meet a pet or animal at a suitable location for a small fee.



Tarot Reading


(Distance only)


The wisdom of the tarot is wonderful for when you have a query that is plaguing you –– or if you simply want to play with possible outcomes in your life. Each individual reading is an illumination of your current circumstances and a way to delight in decision-making.

While there is much I have studied and learned about tarot, any good reader will tell you it’s all about intuition. Tarot readings and their interpreters should absolutely never make you feel bad, constricted, afraid, or less than. A true tarot reader opens their heart to the querant, to the cards, and to blissful, soaring guidance. When you buy a tarot reading from me, it is not going to predict your future by telling you details about when you’ll die or whom you should date. Rather, it is going to open your own heart to an expanse of possibilities, to opportunities so close they may be obscured, and to ways of connecting and receiving graceful guidance in your daily life. This divination shifts from question to question and from realization upon realization. You could ask the same question the following day, and receive a different reading. Tarot readings grow with their subject.

For each particular reading, I will relay the following to you:

• a photograph of your specific query’s card spread •

• general information on each individual card’s meaning •

• my written interpretation & guidance as it is received during the reading •

All readings are completed via distance query. If you have any questions about readings, or to have me attend an event, email me at info@sweetwateronline.com.


All in-person appointments are conducted in my home office in North Haledon, NJ. I am 20 miles from NYC and easily accessible from most major highways. All distance healing appointments are conducted at a mutually agreed-upon date and time. I suggest a phone call before and after the session, and you need only to be relatively comfortable and quiet during this time-period. All tarot readings are completed and relayed to you within 48 hours.

I offer discounts for fixed appointments and for need-based appeals. If you need help, just ask.