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We think people and small businesses are more effective, more connected, more inspired, and more prosperous together. Read more to see if you'd like to partner with us, and then drop us a line at info@sweetwateronline.com


Artisans & Peddlers

If you make or sell your own goods and are interested in having your products sold on our website, or if you sell ethically produced or charitable items, we'd love to feature you! We can arrange consignment, drop-shipping, or wholesale options.


Social Media Mavens

If you or your small business are looking for more followers, more likes, and more interactions and sales, we'd love to collaborate with you to enrich both our endeavors!


Spotlight Seekers

Do you have a product or cause that you think our customers should know about? Maybe an ecotourism destination, a charity that is doing great work, or a product that enriches our planet? We would love to help you reach a wider audience.


If you have a website or brick-and-mortar store and you'd like to feature our products,