Why use bitter soup for healing when sweet water is everywhere?
— Rumi

We fell in love over tea.

Cups of tea. Bowls of tea. Mugs of tea. Whole pots of tea.

I spent my childhood crawling into my mom's lap to steal sips of her tea, and some of my favorite memories were made over tiny china tea sets on the floor or over big, brown pots of Darjeeling on sunny Saturday mornings.

When I first met my husband, he took out his own personal tea set and loose teas, taught me about a new blend, and made my soul sing. Since then, we've moved into big apartments and little houses, added a purring family of cats and our new precious baby boy, all with tea and love as our constant.

Sweetwater blossomed from our love of plant magic and healing. For years, the sweetwater Rumi quote was stuck on a post-it note in our kitchen and served as the inspiration for this venture, which we founded on the knowledge that nature, herbs, and learning should draw people together and bring them deeper love, greater healing, and surprising, delicious, ecstatic, soul-fulfilling joy.


We hope you enjoy our offerings, and we hope you join us on our paths to radical wellness.


~ Megan & Nathan