The Heat of Summer


A magical thing happened to me recently. Magical things are always happening, actually, but sometimes I am able to consciously make the connections.

As I gathered up my shop's offerings, mountains of lovingly-made products, pieces of eco-friendly packaging, stickers and labels and jars, all intermixed with baby toys in pretty much every room of my house, I was feeling the urge, strongly, to offer my healing and teaching services to a wider public.

I have been doing intuitive healing for most of my life, and I have studied many modalities formally and with many teachers for over a decade. As most healers know, the teachers and the students are truly one and the same, and sometimes this beautiful swirl can be confusing to the novice. It is easy to still consider myself the novice. I'm young, I'm a new mom, and I've always been bashful about asking for money in exchange for my healing services.

Yet, I felt energized by a new teacher this season, new lessons, and especially by the new awareness that I could connect people to their own innate powers and to be that bridge that guides them across the troubled waters of their insecurities. Even while, I, myself, was feeling so insecure and unsure of unmasking my healing powers in public.

That's when the magical thing happened.

I was picnicking in Central Park for my friend's birthday on a gorgeous, cloud-less, electric-blue-and-green summer day, the kind of day that beckoned everyone from all the boroughs to come out, bathing suits blazing. We sat on towels and sheets, full of suntans and cupcakes and prosecco, when I mentioned my trepidation to my friends, the trepidation which felt like it was running on an endless loop for at least half a decade, if not more, about opening myself up and offering my services unabashedly.

One friend, who I have worked on in the past, was shocked. He and his husband simultaneously chimed in about how much he loved the treatment. Another friend was so excited as she said has been looking for a reiki practitioner she could trust, and it turned out she was sitting next to one! They clamored to help me feel more confident, more ready - they were willing to write testimonials, to take the train to New Jersey for healing appointments, to spread the word that I was a healer and I was, indeed, ready to heal.

I came home that day and, after drinking about a gallon of water, just sat outside in the sunshine, grinning.

The magical thing is that we can all heal each other. The magical thing is that we need only to say yes, to step into that healing role, to open our eyes and our hearts and our minds to the healing light which is all around us, which helps us to grow and to glow, which illuminates our paths towards true joy and wellness.

So with gratitude to all my students and all my teachers (who are one and the same) I say: you are powerful, and you are ready.

A special thank you to Asia Suler of One Willow Apothecaries, who recently reminded me that I know enough, I am enough, and doggone it, people like me.