New Year's Eve


Tomorrow is the last day of the year. It also happens to be my 30th birthday.

I've been blessed with many gifts this year, both big and small, and after many, many, many months, lots of trial and error, rejection and acceptance, and sipping lots and lots and LOTS of teas, I'm finally getting ready to bring Sweetwater to the world. It's been brewing for years.

When I wrote my last blog post (over a year ago!), I was gathering herbs, organizing supplies, calculating shipping costs, and I was also, unbeknownst to anyone – including me – almost two weeks pregnant.

Shortly after publishing that post, I had weeks of crushing nausea. The kind that made thinking, looking, and talking arduous tasks. I couldn't drink tea for weeks. I couldn’t even bring myself to smell herbs. I was too busy smelling everything else in the world. My husband smelled like salami. My cats smelled like fruit. Jams and jellies smelled like garbage. Garbage registered in my nose from down the block. Yogurt, for some reason, was the worst smell. Hand soap was a close second. Brushing my teeth made me gag. Eating made me gag. Crying made me gag. Needless to say, I was not ready to launch a business.

But the universe always has a beautiful way of redirecting us.

In July, two days after our third wedding anniversary, I gave birth to a perfect baby boy. Nothing went according to plan, of course, but everything was absolutely sublime.

He just turned five months old this week. He laughs at bouncing and funny mouth noises. He watches us chew our food and likes to grab what we let him smell. He touches my hand or mug when I'm drinking tea.

We're used to spills and spit-up now. We're used to laughter and crying.  And we're used to the seasons changing, the plants and trees and tension growing.

These days, we’re setting our New Year’s intentions and counting our blessings. We’re getting ready for renewal. We're also, for real this time, getting ready for Sweetwater.